Youngest Surgeon General In Years

On Monday, December 15, 2004, the US Senate after a year of deliberation approved the confirmation of Dr. Vivek Murphy as the new US Surgeon General. He was recommended for the post by President Obama. Reporter Sabrina Tabernise says he is a self-described dreamer and grass-roots organizer. Recently, Dr. Murphy has been on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, and treats acutely ill patients at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A few years ago he founded the nonprofit organization, Doctors for America whose mission is to improve the US healthcare system so all may benefit.

Dr. Murphy is 37-years-old, and the youngest US Surgeon General in over a century. He has voiced opinion that gun control is a healthcare issue, and some fear his advocacy could stand in the way of him being a leader in the US healthcare arena. Others see advocacy defining the areas in which he could affect leadership.

Dr. Murphy was born in Britain to Indian immigrants, and grew up in Miami where he spent time at his Father’s medical clinic. His medical training is both from Harvard and Yale Universities, respectively. His effectiveness will only be known over time, but Lee G. Lovett is definitely optimistic.

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