“X-Men” Films That Are, May Still Be Coming

Though Disney buying Fox properties has left the X-Men films in limbo, they still have thirteen movies in production. Let’s see what they are.

Definitely still coming:

New MutantsDeadpool 2X-Men: Dark PhoenixGambit
• New Mutants will be released on April 13. It will be a superhero/horror combo, and Josh Boone hopes to get two sequels from it.
• Deadpool 2: Comes out June 1. Despite Disney’s family friendly reputation, they admit that they want to keep this raunchy, violent series going.
• X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Set for release November 2, this will be a loose adaptation of the famous comic book story line where Jean Grey is possessed by the Phoenix Force.
• Gambit: Set for next Valentine’s Day, this will star the charming Cajun mutant bad boy as he navigates a war between rival criminals.

These, however, are in early stages of development and thus could still be canceled:

X-ForceDeadpoolMultiple ManKitty PrydeX-23LoganAlpha FlightExiles
• X-Force: Spin-off of the Deadpool films, with a team led by Cable.
• Multiple Man: An odd choice, given a less popular character. May be based on his “X-Factor Investigations” run when he leads a team of superhero detectives in a noir style.
• Kitty Pryde: Recently announced, this would star the popular character who can turn intangible.
• X-23: Spin-off of Logan, starring his young female clone. They would need to hurry, though, if they want to do this before her actress grows up.
• Alpha Flight and Exiles: Simon Kinberg mentioned that there were plans to maybe give these two teams films (well, he said “X-Flight,” but there is no such team), but nothing else is known yet.

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