Women Can Rock a Suit Too

It’s become quite commonplace for celebrities to look only their best on the red carpet. For a long time, it was extraordinarily common for men to wear suits, and women to wear dresses. There’s no issue with that, it’s just society was. But in modern times, the blending of traditional gender roles has begun to blend together. In other words, the conventional idea of things such as hobbies, jobs, and fashion for each gender is starting to blur together. While some parties believe that this shouldn’t be happening, many minds that are more open to change are loving the way that it’s starting to change. One very freeing element of all of this is that female celebrities have started to step away from always wearing dresses, and several of them are even taking to red carpet events in things such as suits!


Places such as Buzzfeed have begun to highlight this amazing trend. Recently, in fact, the website completed an article compilation composing of the times in recent history where these fabulous females took to the carpet looking more dapper than Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Of course, there were examples of this before recent years, the trend has definitely taken hold, and it’s likely to continue in the near future at least.


Some names on their list are no surprise. After all, Ellen Degeneres has basically taken the well-pressed suit and turned it into a staple in her wardrobe. But others may yet surprise you. Rihanna once claimed the stage in an all-white suit that turned heads. Amber Heard has easily shown that women can look better than men in the style, while even the newest of stars, like Maisie Williams have take the carpet donning the dapper style. In short order, it seems that female are forcing men to step up to the challenge of future styles, who know what the carpet will show next.


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