Woman Is Desperate to Solve the Many Mysteries Surrounding a Card Being Hand Delivered for Two Decades

Christmas, Halloween and mystery collide for a 45 year old woman named Angie Kenney. Every single year around Christmas time for the better part of two decades, she receives a hand written and delivered Christmas card. The mystery surrounding this card has reached several complex levels.

For starters, the letter is hand delivered, and it is not being delivered by a postal worker. Following up on the eerie fact that someone has faithfully and personally delivered the Christmas card for 20 years, Angie Kenney has never seen the person delivering the card, and she has tried to catch the person responsible. For two decades, the deliverer of the mysterious card has eluded her. This holiday season there was was something special waiting for her. Attached to her unnerving, annual holiday card was an old black and white picture seemingly from the 1950s. The picture displayed a family on vacation. Take a look at the photo and more of the story. The picture had a mysterious note attached that said, “Happy Christmas to you both, love Eileen xx,” and it ended with, “I found this photo while sorting out and know you will love it.”

Angie Kenney doesn’t love it or hate it. She just wants to get to the bottom of her two decade mystery. Now that she has a picture, she is hoping she will be able to finally get some real help solving the mystery. Hopefully, with the story and picture publicized, she will finally be able to find out who the family, mysterious sender and even more mysterious delivery person are.

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