Win a Pink Deadpool Outfit When You F*ck Cancer

Do you hate cancer? Do you like heroes with cancer? Then this is the opportunity for you, as you could win a pink Deadpool costume by donating $10 to fight breast cancer!

The campaign was announced by Ryan Reynolds, wearing the off-color suit and sitting in a disheveled room with numerous other pink items. He addresses his fans in his characteristic style of calm insanity.

“Oh, hello there. You may be wondering why the pink suit? So that the world can see that I have a big ol’ heart-on. That’s heart with a ‘t,'” he adds.

Speaking on behalf of the artfully named “F-ck Cancer” campaign (see more here), he says that he will be giving out not only the pink suit that he is wearing, as well as other movie memorabilia.

“Will you add it to your weekly wardrobe rotation? Does it become a colorful addition to your S&M dungeon? Or will you simply nail it to a post to scare away birds, children and the elderly?” The choice is yours, Deadpool says.

He also adds that in this campaign, anyone can be a hero, without superpowers, capes or “lame CG costumes”—a reference to Reynolds’ role in Green Lantern, which was criticized for using computer graphics on the outfits.

In the comics, Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) is disfigured from his cancer, but due to his healing power, cannot actually die from it. Having gone crazy, he is foul-mouthed, violent and murders people for money, so it’s nice to know that he (or at least the people who make his movies) can take a break and still do some good, too.

Deadpool 2 will be out in theaters on May 18, but donate $10 and you can enter for that costume today!

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