Why Real Estate Is Actually A Legitimate Way To Save For Your Future According To Nick Vertucci

Even though real estate is one of the most reliable ways to make profits and can be an even better investment than mutual funds, many people are still reluctant to try it. Nick Vertucci, the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy sheds light on why investing in real estate is better than some other investments. One reason is that you can redevelop properties by buying them at very low prices and having them completely rebuilt into top-selling lots. And as the NV Real Estate Academy explains, you don’t necessarily have to do all the heavy lifting because once your able to finance your project, form partnerships with contractors and get over the legal hurdles, you can go as far as you want.

Nick Vertucci says his own personal experience is something everyone can learn from. He his parents could barely afford their living expenses growing up, and his early adulthood was spent in homelessness and trying to find work. His first successful business was one that he started by selling computer parts to customers, and in time it actually helped him get on his feet. Nick Vertucci married and had children of his own thanks to his business and he thought he had finally secured his future, but he was wrong. The tech crash of 2000 left both his company and his family in financial ruin, and he nearly lost everything trying to get out of debt. But in the midst of the dark, he found his first ray of light while attending a weekend seminar.

This seminar was about how you could turn properties into an investment that could lead to permanent financial freedom, and though the jargon and semantics of what he heard didn’t all make sense, something did inspire Nick Vertucci to look into it more. After doing more research, he managed to raise some capital and start buying properties that he in turn rented out. As those properties gained revenue, Vertucci bought even more and eventually all his work paid off as he became debt-free and could give his family the dream life they were looking for. He realized he needed to share the system he had perfected with others, and that’s what the NV Real Estate Academy is about. Thousands of people attend it annually and some have even said that they’ve learned more from this academy than they ever did in some college courses.

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