Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating App That Stirs Competition In Dating App Industry

Whitney Wolfe is finally giving people in the dating world something to talk about. She has created an excellent dating app called Bumble, and it serves as a catalyst for change in the dating app industry. It would take someone like Whitney Wolfe, a young female entrepreneur, to see the monotony that has plagued the dating app industry. She wanted to do something different, and she wanted to do it in a very interesting way.

At first glance singles that sign up for Bumble may easily confuse it with the look and feel of Tinder. This is not – by any means – a coincidence. This is the way that Whitney Wolfe planned it because she was the co-founder of Tinder. She knew how popular this site was, and she believed that this would be an excellent way for her to build her fan base with the new Bumble app. There is an interesting Tweak, however, that has made Bumble standout as a giant amongst men. The thing that makes this app different from the others is the interesting way that women are in position to makes the power moves once they are sent messages.

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This is a very interesting way to bring forth some friendly competition between Tinder and Bumble. It will be interesting to see how many of the 50 million users that are utilizing Tinder will make the effort to also transition to Bumble. These apps are a lot alike, but the fact that women are the ones that make the first move makes it a totally different ball game. Whitney Wolfe is trying to assess just how many men will think that this is a cool idea. There are millions that have proven that this is the way that they would like to start a courtship.

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