What Makes Michael Burwell Uniquely Qualified For His New Position?


Imagine having to cut costs by 500 million dollars while ensuring no one is laid off. This can be a daunting task, but Michael Burwell was able to accomplish this while he was CFO. This would mark one of the many highlights of his career. The following year he was at it again negotiating a partnership with Google that helps enhance experiences at a service provision company while ensuring that they are still able to attract the next generation of innovators to help grow the talent pool. He was also able to help expand the internal shared services at PwC when he was the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation a position he held starting 2012.


Michael Burwell has been able to achieve a lot in his more than 31 years in finance. This has been done in two companies, namely PwC and Willis Towers Watson. He was appointed as the new CFO of Willis Towers Watson on August 21, 2017. This came after a long stint at PwC.


After graduating with a bachelor’s he would then get his CPA, from here he would start working for PwC. During this time, he would get exposed to various areas of finance. Audit was one of these areas. In his first eleven years at the firm, it consisted of the bulk of his job. An offer to become a partner would follow this. This career achievement meant that  Michael Burwell had managed to impress the company enough to hit this career milestone.


He then moved to the Transaction advisory services. This is one of the key reasons why Willis Towers Watson was so determined to get him. His experience was in line with what he will be doing in his new position only on a grander scale. Willis Towers Watson has a large clientele spread across the globe, and this gives the CFO a unique role that not only entails helping the company itself but also advising clients either directly or indirectly.


Michael Burwell is an early riser waking up at five on most days and opting to take his bike to work something he has stated helps him relax and plan out his day.


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