We Might Have to Say Goodbye to a Fun Part of Your Childhood Soon

Whether you love them or hate them, candy hearts have been a staple in most peoples lives ever since their childhood. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like cracking open that tiny cardboard box and instantly seeing brightly colored hearts. These little boxes have been found in classrooms across the country. These hearts are also how many professed their love to their crush.

You know you were about to get serious with your crush if one of them slid one of those candy hearts towards you that read “Be Mine.” It was always fun to respond with a different one such as “XoXo” or “Call me.”

It seems that dreams will soon be crushed for all those who relied on these little hearts to flirt with their crush and send a message of love. Necco could soon close the factory that produces these, says GrubStreet. If they do, that’s bad news for Valentine’s Day fanatics. They need to find a buyer by May 6 if they want to stay in business and continue making candy-lovers happy. If you’re someone who relies on these hearts to have a swell Valentine’s Day then you might need to step up in help. Who wouldn’t want to buy a candy factory especially one that’s been a staple of most people’s childhoods?

Whether you loved the taste or thought they tasted like chalk, most people can agree on one thing. It’s sad to see something that’s been a novelty for so long go. These fun hearts have been how so many relationships and memories started. Without them, Valentine’s Day might feel empty next year. Hopefully someone with a big sweet tooth will step up to help in a big way. I don’t want to imagine a world without candy hearts in them. They’re comforting, fun, and bring up fond childhood memories.

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