Wahlberg vs Fallon in Slapjack

Mark Wahlberg was recently a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show. The two funny men sat down together, and played a new version of blackjack. However, this was no ordinary game of blackjack. The loser of each round gets a smack in the face. The first one to get smacked was Mark Wahlberg. Some way to treat your guest Mr. Fallon. Gianfrancesco Genoso was more than a bit impressed. Next, it was Fallon’s turn to hit or stay. Jimmy Fallon drew too many cards and was soon hit there after.

The audience was roaring in laughter, myself included. Fallon and Wahlberg were laughing as well. They continued playing a bit more, and also traded more slaps. I wonder if this is going to be a regular staple of the Jimmy Fallon Show. If it is, then Jimmy Fallon is going to be taken a whole lot of smacks. The Wahlberg skit ended hilariously, with Mark Wahlberg smacking Jimmy Fallon, and then back handing him. Did I forget to mention that they were wearing jumbo soft hands? For more information, and video of the hilarious skit visit Yahoo! Sports.

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