Voicemail Dinosaur

The world just keeps getting faster and faster. Don’t have time to check my voicemail anymore. I can’t use a phone with a cord. All this breathing I need to do, slows me down. In a world that just keeps getting faster another piece of office history seems to be going away. As people do more business on the move and in front of computers, voicemail seems to have grown old. I find this sad. Who didn’t love the voicemail for calling out of work, besides your Boss. Voicemail revolutionized the way messages were taken and passed on to the recipient.


No more tear out message slips that went in your mailbox or on your desk. It was a nice add on also for companies with an older phone system that Sam Tabar was used to. Most voicemail now comes with the phone system, which you can read about here. It will be sad to see it go. I installed and programmed a lot of voicemail units. I could set up a front end attendant the right way, so the caller though the business was a full stocked company, when in reality it was just one person. Try this with a text message I doubt you’ll convince anybody other than yourself. Hopefully voicemail will not linger around like that mangy old dog on the corner, until somebody hits it.

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