Vijay Eswaran Is An India Based International Marketing Genius


Vijay Eswaran is a well-educated Malaysian businessman that founded the market-shattering company QI Group. He currently resides in Hong Kong alongside the headquarters of his company.


During his early life, he grew up as a normal Malaysian kid in Penang. His mother was a teacher and his father worked for the local Ministry of Labour. His family had to move to different parts of the country due to the rapidly changing pace of his father’s job.


His family sent him to the United Kingdom to study is economics degree at the London School of Economics. After studying, he took a year to discover Europe by working various odd jobs to support himself. Most of the jobs he took were not in any way related to his degree, but instead as a means to meet new people.

When Vijay discovered the power of binary system marketing, he decided to go back to school in London to obtain a professional qualification from CIMA. In 1986, he traveled to the United States to study for a short while at the Southern Illinois University.


For a long white before starting his own company, he had worked various jobs involved multi-level marketing. He had learned a great deal from the American company Synaptics. He had also worked for a long time in the Philippines for the Conway Group. He had become more aggressive with marketing during his time with the Cosway Group.


He had founded the QI Group in 1998 as an Asian based multi-level marketing group. Today, the company is more of an e-commerce and marketing company that operates under multiple names. They now provide direct sale services, luxury products, telecommunications and investing. QNet is now the primary name that they are operating under.


His company uses a multi-level marketing program by relying on independent sales agents to sell their products. There are also referral programs that give commission and bonuses based on the performance of referral sales. Products are also sold and distributed directly to buyers.


QNet became increasingly popular in Southeast Asia when they partnered with B.H. Mayer’s Mint. They expanded to the Middle East during the early 2000’s after gaining so much popularity in East Asia. When the company launched QVI Club brand, they had become heavily invested in distributing travel related products. One of their biggest deals was when they had landed the contract to distribute the 2002 FIFA World Cup collectible coins worldwide. The company continued with their success as an official distributor for FIFA for several years.


The QI group had become interested in the telecommunications industry after acquiring QI Comm in 2005. They had also continued with online sales for health and nutritional products.


They had begun a rapid international expansion after opening a vegetarian organic health store in Hawaii. They quickly obtained the Swiss watchmaker Cimier to move into the European markets. They gained much reputation in Malaysia after obtaining the local motor racing team Team Meritus. This action leads to the being invited to the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting Business Forum in 2007.


Currently, there are online sales and independent agents operating in 30 countries. Some of the most prominent locations are Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Taiwan. It is estimated tat the company has over $400 million in annual revenue.


Vijay is a regular speaker at many economics and business events. He is a regular attendee of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention in India. He had also spoken a multiple World Economic Forum events.


As an author, he likes to write about his personal philosophies and business ideas. His book Sphere of Silence from 2005 was about the importance of implementing moments of silence on one’s daily routine. In the Thinking Zone was a collection of personal opinions about world issues and life in general. He had also recently launched two Minutes From The Abyss in 2016.

Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

His company is also responsible for the charity group named the RYTHM Foundation. The foundation is primarily based in Hong Kong but it has programs in various parts of the world. The organization primarily helps students in need by providing education assistance and social programs. They also have programs for disabled children to get special treatment in areas that do not have programs available.

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