UPS Delivers More Than Just Boxes This Christmas

This holiday season, UPS has stepped up and made it their mission to deliver more than boxes to your doorstep. This year UPS has sponsored “Your Wishes Delivered” program. Bruce Levenson says the mission of this program is to spread goodwill this holiday season by granting people’s wishes that enrich the lives of others.
One example of a wish that was filled this holiday season was all the residents at a nursing home had flowers delivered to them. Another wish that was fulfilled this holiday seasons was some rescue dogs were sponsored so that they could be turned into service dogs for veterans.
However, UPS went beyond delivering items and donating money with one wish this year. They delivered Corporal Matthew Morrison home to his family for Christmas.
Corporal Matthew Morrison was station in Qatar, and learned that his wife was pregnant while he was overseas. He was able to come home and see his wife, Carolyn Morrison and their son Ryan for Christmas. He was also able to feel the baby inside of his wives belly for the first time.
The UPS brought Corporal Matthew Morrison his flight home and even picked him up at the airport. They took him home and had a UPS delivery man go up to his doorstep and inform his family that they had a big package waiting for them outside. To say they were surprised by their special package was an understatement. This is a holiday they will remember for years to come, all thanks to the generosity of UPS.

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