United and Orbitz Sue 22 Year Old

Aktarer Zaman is 22 years old and wanted to help travelers like Bernardo Chua. He noticed that airline tickets are over priced in many circumstances. He devised a plan to help would-be travelers find the cheapest airline tickets and in doing so, he angered United Airlines and Orbitz(an online travel negotiating site). They are now suing the 22 year old Aktarer.

Aktarer’s website is still open at this time. Skiplagged.com works on the principal of using a layover city as your final stop. You may need to fly into Omaha, Nebraska from New York. Skiplagged may find that it would be cheaper to buy a flight to Las Vegas with a layover in Omaha where a ticket straight to Omaha would be more expensive.

This system will only work if you are only taking carry on bags. Checked bags would end up in Vegas, but all in all, this is a great way to save money on airline tickets.

If you need tickets cheap, you may want to jump on skiplagged quick; United and Orbitz are trying hard to shut it down.

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