Unicorns Are Wild About Lime Crime Semi Permanent Hair Color

It seems like everywhere you look lately Unicorn themed colors are on display. From fanciful dresses, all the way to blended coffee beverages, bright hues take center stage in modern beauty culture. Now your hair can finally match the rest of you and let your inner unicorn out with a new line of hair coloring products from Lime Crime.


Available in both tint (for a lighter effect) and full coverage (for brighter, richer colors), Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is semi-permanent and generally lasts from 6-10 washes. All colors are vegan and work best on blonde or very light hair. For maximum results apply to freshly bleached hair that has not had any toners added; toners can mute or “muddy up” the colors and keep you from getting the full unicorn benefit.


Brand founder, Doe Deere, is the self-appointed “Unicorn Queen” and has been seen for years proudly displaying vivid hair colors. Now everyone can enjoy the 13 available colors with whimsical names like “jello” for a bright green or “dirty mermaid” for a vivid grey-blue.


Unlike costly salon treatments, Unicorn Hair is highly affordable at only $16 per color so unicorns everywhere can either brighten up with one color or go wild and use all thirteen; for the truly adventurous you can mix shades together to create a unique, custom color. All shades are available in both tint and full coverage on the Lime Crime website along with their full product line which includes eyeshadow and nail coverage.


Application is a breeze as no additional toners or developers are needed. Simply apply the color straight from the container to your hair and allow to work its magic for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your desired depth of color. After rinsing thoroughly, the dye from hair, you can condition if desired and simply style and go! Unicorn hair is designed to not transfer to clothing, skin, etc., but it is worth noting that after the initial application for deep coloring a slight transfer may occur for the first 1-2 washes. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html


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