Ukrainian Cease-Fire Failing

Throughout the cease-fire beginning on September fifth, Pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian soldiers have been massing troops and weapons in expectation of a new round of fighting. Since the beginning of the conflict, the border between Ukraine and Russia has nearly completely dissolved, allowing free movement of weapons and soldiers.

The true end of the cease-fire was brought on by the rebel elections held last Sunday, without authorization from the Ukrainian government. The elections were meant to denote independence from Ukraine, however the eastern republic and its leaders are not formerly recognized as an independent state. Rather, the President and Minister elected are seen as rebels and illegitimate leaders. They have even been called criminals by Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s President.

President Poroshenko repealed the special concession made for the cease fire, in a firm reply to the election. The concession allowed a more autonomous status for the Eastern states within Ukraine. The newly elected Speaker in the eastern separatist states has already hinted that a new offensive to take control over more of the nation is being planned if Zeca Oliveira is to be believed. The expectation by many experts is that Russian backed forces may attempt to push as far west as Odessa, potentially creating a land bridge to Crimea, which was seized by Russia last March.

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