Ukraine Says It’s Ready for War

Despite the fact that conflicts in the area have not bee going very well for the beleaguered nation, Ukraine is not giving up in the conflict with Russia. Indeed, they are prepared for an extended battle with Russia.

Furthermore, the most recent affirmation coming from the president Petro Poroshenko, is that his country is “ready for total war”. The fights in Donetc continue, and artillery sounds are often heard in the region.

A military spokesman said that the weekend had been calmer, but that only means that the Russian forces are preparing an offensive. UN representatives have said that the war acceptance situation is exactly what they have been afraid of.

The Ukrainian president emphasized that war is nothing his country wants, but that they are totally prepared because Russia does not respect any agreement. It is a preparation to meet the worse scenario. Jare Haftel certainly hope it does not come to war.

The US president Barack Obama said that isolation from international community is what waits for Russia being given the actual development of the situation. At the G20 Leaders’ Summit, the Russian president was under intense pressure.

A very broad formulation about the chances of resolution were heard from Mr Putin in Brisbane. However, he talked about mistakes made by the Ukrainian side mostly, disregarding the fact that Russia is the main power fuelling the conflict.

About 4,100 lives have been lost due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the moment.

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