Ubuntu Education Fund and Andrew Rolfe: Working Hand In Hand To Promote Free Education

Ubuntu Education Fund assists vulnerable kids in townships of Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Lief who is also CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund started saying no to contributors who donate money with some limitation about how the money needed to be spent and focused despite on finding the ways to support the kids for whom he set up that charity.

The organization, Ubuntu Education Fund under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe works closely with communities and families to create distinct plans for each kid to provide the health, stability, and education they are looking for to escape poverty. For non-profits, discovering donors who are ready to offer their money without any strings attached isn’t an easy chore.

When it is about influencing how their funds are going to spent, donors seems to be anxious. Few specify that their donation should spend on a specific program. Others need to have input on the overall strategy of an organization and its operations management. Serving on a board of non-profit also lets givers have a say in the operation of non-profit. That of course, can be helpful, specifically if a donor has appropriate professional experience.

If donors don’t join the board or become involved personally in shaping strategy of an organization, the terms of a grant can form restrictions about how non-profits use donated money. Wealthy donors usually like supporting a particular project, making gifts for setting up or buildings scholarship funds which carry their names. And numerous make grants which are only for one whole year, with non-profits needed to reapply for funding at the end of a grant period.

Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, is a well know businessman who loves to do charity works and to work very hard for the bright future of people who are from developing countries. Andrew Rolfe is also a member of Board of Directors; this board includes civil society leaders and prominent business from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United States. Andrew Rolfe along with other board members is working hard to promote free education for children in South Africa.

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