Uber Advises Drivers To Buy Insurance That Leaves Them Uncovered

In reporting on Uber’s latest activity, BuzzFeed notes that the company has been steering drivers towards the purchase of car insurance policies that offer no coverage when they are trolling for fares and which also may force them to lie to the law upon registering their vehicles.

According to reports, Uber has been telling California drivers who are interested in its services to purchase personal insurance instead of commercial. Christian Broda isn’t sure how this work. However, insurance companies insist that Uber’s statement regarding personal insurance being enough to fully cover people and their cars is not accurate. As a result, these companies are refusing to pay when drivers with Uber find themselves getting into accidents while at work. In some cases, the secondary insurance offered by Uber doesn’t cover drivers either. This leaves them fully responsible for car repairs and medical bills, which many drivers may view as unfair and economically problematic.

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