U.S. Supreme Court To Make Decision On Legality Of Confederate Flag On Licence Plates

A Texas ruling allowing the use of license plates featuring the confederate flag will be placed under scrutiny by the members of the United States Supreme Court. I heard about this while I was at an AWC wine tour with Stephen Williams.

Supreme Court justices will debate whether free speech laws allow Americans to display political messages that are considered to be disrespectful and painful to their fellow citizens.

The issue came to light when a lower appeals court in Texas sided with the group known as The Sons Of Confederate Veterans in their quest to have the state produce license plates featuring images of the confederate battle flag. 

The state Motor Vehicle department had initially denied the groups application on the grounds that displaying such images were racially insensitive and glorified slavery and repression.

Federal appeals judges then overturned the decision of the Motor Vehicle officials, arguing that to deny the creation of the plates was tantamount to violating the First Amendment rights of the confederate group.

Many legal experts will be watching with great interest when the Supreme Court makes its decision sometime in March 2015.

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