Tuna Accidentally Swallows Seagull

A video has recently been uploaded depicting a pair of men, speaking a language that might be Russian or some Slavic tongue, hanging out around the docks and tossing sardines into the water. Rather than just tossing the finger-length fishes into the sea to hear the amusing splash, the men were instead feeding a massive tuna that was swimming around the area. Whether or not the tuna had reached its size from a steady diet of human-tossed sardines is unknown, but what is known is that tuna do not appreciate the taste of seagull.

As can be imagined when fish are flying about, the cries of seagulls can be plainly heard as the two minute video goes on, as can their silhouettes against the water’s surface. After tossing several sardines into the water to feed the tuna, it seems one of the seagulls decided to make a dive to collect a free meal. Unfortunately for the waterfowl, it was a tad too late and was captured by the tuna’s mouth as it sought to grab the latest sardine. Fortunately for the seagull, the fish opened it mouth long enough for the bird to escape to the surface where it then gathered up speed and flew back up into the sky.

Tuna are saltwater fish that belong to the mackerel family. There are a total of fifteen different species of tuna, ranging in size and weight from the puny Bullet Tuna, which can reach up to 1.6 feet long and 4 pounds in weight to the Atlantic Bluefin, which can reach up to 4.6 feet and weigh more than three-quarters of a ton. While it is unknown which species of tuna this particular fish belongs to, an educated guess places it among the Southern Bluefin, Bigeye or the Atlantic Bluefin varieties.

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