Troy McQuagge: A Pioneer Within the Health Coverage Industry

is a seasoned expert in the health coverage industry, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He currently holds the title of president and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, a role which he has maintained since 2010. Mr. McQuagge is originally from Panama City, Florida, but operates out of USHEALTH Group’s Fort Worth offices as well as Grapevine Coppell, Texas, where the company’s distribution arm, USHEALTH Advisors is located.

With Troy’s notable business acumen, he has catapulted USHEALTH Group to peak sales, reaching five years of record-breaking capital gains. Since McQuagge joined the company in 2010, share prices have risen by a staggering 2,800 percent and the company is six times bigger. USHEALTH Group primarily functions within the individual health coverage industry for those under the age of 65. They also serve small-scale business proprietors, families, and people who own their own companies. USHEALTH Group aims to combine the aptitude of its agents with superior health coverage services and products. They have approximately 500 employees, and customer service and satisfaction are paramount to  the company’s daily operations and overall business model. Some of the specialties and policies they offer are listed below.


  • Health Coverage Plans
  • Guarantee Issue Plans
  • Fixed Indemnity Health Packages
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Sickness and Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Life and Dental Plans
  • Disability Income
  • Essential Health Plans


In recent news, Troy McQuagge was awarded and recognized as the 2018 This accolade is highly sought after among Troy’s peers, awarded to elite individuals who possess the highest ability and standards in leadership, performance outcome, innovative resources, and market statistics. Contestants are chosen from a worldwide list of new start-ups, for-profit, and non-profit companies.

Mr. McQuagge released a statement that announced what an honor and privilege it was to be chosen as the recipient of this highly regarded award. He went on to give much credit to his staff at USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors for their commitment to excellence and moral integrity.

The Chief Executive Officer World Award is just one out of several that Mr. McQuagge has received throughout his career. The One Planet and Business Professional Excellence Awards picked Troy to receive their 2016 Gold Award. In August of 2016, he was given the honor of Most Innovative Chief Executive Officer of the Year for Insurance in the yearly 2016 CEO World Awards®.

Committed to Philanthropy Through HOPE

Troy McQuagge and the staff at USHEALTH Group have generously given back to many communities, charities, and deserving causes. Most notably, their philanthropic deeds are rooted in their collective mission of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday. Their first mission was to support the victims and residents of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans when the storm devastated the region. They helped to rebuild defaced houses that would have been otherwise condemned. They allocated a large amount of their resources to helping New Orleans rebuild.

In 2011, USHEALTH Group donated living necessities and goods for the Phoenix Crisis Nursery Foundation, which is a non-profit safe haven for children. They provided $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona, followed by a remarkable donation of $45,000 in 2013, when HOPEKids established a second branch in Texas. Homes for Warriors is another notable United States charity that they sponsor, serving military men and women by sending overseas care packages to soldiers. In 2015, they provided over $100,000 for the Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund. These two honorable organizations give immediate capital aid to wounded 9/11 veterans to help with their transition back into society, including PTSD recovery.

Professional Background and Accolades

Troy earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983. He has gained an impressive array of working experience with several companies throughout his career, fulfilling roles as the acting president for eight companies and the Chairman of one.

He initially began working for Allstate Insurance Company in 1983, and 12 years later, he joined forces with the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies, Inc. (UICI). In two years, McQuagge was promoted to president of UICI, where he set several exceptional record highs in capital sales. UICI was acquired by a private group in 2006 and Troy McQuagge oversaw all of the company’s sales and marketing operations.

In 2007, Troy was elected as the president and rose to fame for surpassing all trajectory capital expectations in sales. He managed to create over a billion dollars in yearly sales revenue. Below are a few of the other known agencies and companies he has served.


  • President of Freedom Life insurance Company of America
  • President of Small Business Insurance Advisors, Incorporated
  • President of Precision Dialing Services, Inc.
  • President of Foundation Financial Services, Inc.


Troy McQuagge is a pioneer among the health coverage and entrepreneur marketing trade with a wealth of prestigious accomplishments and notable portfolio successes. He also has a genuine passion for helping others, and has been integral to various charitable causes. He has made a huge impact both in the industry and in the world in regard to his leadership ability and skills, despite how competitive the health coverage industry is. He has an extraordinary talent for recognizing a profitable opportunity in whatever he is investing in. Given his wide range of personal and career victories, it is safe to assume he will continue along this path for many years to come.

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