Trouble Teen Took to Texting to Lure Five Into His Web

Social media has shrunk the borders of the world we live in. An old telecommunications advertisement echoed the sentiment of “…Reach out and touch someone.” This was revamped and taken to a frightening level by a disgruntled student. Find out how he used texting to bring together a group of people for an unfathomable reason in the Pacific Northwest.

Images of teens having their faces buried in phone or other mobile devices took an ominous turn as troubled Jaylen Fryberg invited them all to lunch. Having lured them to the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria, he waited til they all arrived before he shared his surprise. He unveiled a Beretta. Stunned silence was short lived as he opened fire and unloaded on his impromptu lunch mates. Only when he made sure he shot each and every one of them did he then turn the weapon on himself and ended his own life.

There is little solace to learn that the gun was legally owned by a family member. Questions like how did he gain access to the weapon will wait until the three remaining teens fight life and death struggles. The world was saddened to hear that Zoe Galasso and Gia Soriano, both fourteen, had succumbed to their wounds. Two students remain in critical condition while one other was upgraded to satisfactory condition. People from all over the nation are sending their well wishes and prayers in the hopes that these students make a full recovery.  Stephen Williams and I need a big glass of wine after all of this.

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