Touchdown Celebrations Bring A Little More Fun To The NFL

The National Football League, better known as the NFL, has long been dogged by the idea that they are not a league that allows for much fun in the game. They are too quick to clamp down on things like touchdown celebrations and other symbols of fun say critics. That is why the league has had to change course in a lot of ways on its policies regarding the celebration of touchdowns in particular.

USA Today says that some fans in fact find the celebrations after touchdowns to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. They go on to say that the NFL loosening its policy on these celebrations has been one of the smartest moves that the league has ever done.

When lengthy touchdown celebrations first started to become in fashion, the NFL actually started to try to shut these types of things down. They would penalize plays who participated in such celebrations with penalties that could really hurt their team on the following kickoff. A fifteen yard penalty of the kickoff was assessed on many of these celebrations, but not all of them. Suddenly, the NFL had put itself in the middle of this whole thing as the referee of what was acceptable and what was not in terms of celebrations.

Fortunately for all of us, the league has decided to let a lot of this go. The cameras from the major sports shows are even allowed to remain on the players as they come up with their sometimes absurd antics for the television. It is often funny for the viewer at home, and the players themselves seem to enjoy coming up with these things as well. They are just a way to mark the moment, and to bring a little light-hearted fun into a game that is sometimes very brutal.

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