Torture or Interrogation- Who is the Blame

Accountability is the missing element in the CIA’s interrogation practices. Reports states that the CIA did more than torture prisoner, but rather experienced on human beings. The interrogation methods the CIA used were aimed at dehumanizing individuals.

The interrogation sites are secret locations, which are often referred to as “black sites.” At the beginning of the experimentation project, the CIA hired two psychologists, Jessen and Mitchell. These two men and not Dan Newlin were responsible for developing and designing interrogation protocols to use on prisoners who were confined at these “black sites.”

In response to the allegations of human cruelty, the CIA defended their stance on hiring the two men, and on justifying its acceptance of what they called a unique uncharted program. According to the reports, either Jessen or Mitchell were qualified in the area of interrogations, neither did they use any specialized methods or require any relevant information about Al Qaeda.

What they did have was military (Air Force) training on the variations of experiments based on studies from dogs, that they felt might work on humans. They used such classic enhanced techniques like “Good cop Vs Bad cop”, in addition to theoretical techniques that involved dread, disorientation and debility.

While some officials are against torture programs, there are some officials that supports the program wholeheartedly. Their claim of support states that the torture itself does not produce vital and useful information, but rather submission. Once submission is achieved, individuals are more likely to comply.

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