Tony Stark Says NO to Deadpool Joining Avengers

Many of us love Deadpool. He is the comic book character who is famously known for constantly breaking the fourth barrier, as well as being a barrel of raunchy fun. What we didn’t know is that six years ago Deadpool sent a letter to Tony Stark asking to join the Avengers. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool’s real-life alter ego, recently shared his rejection letter, while taking to Instagram to congratulate the Avengers on never quitting in their recently released movie, Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The rejection letter was short and to the point, in typical Tony Stark fashion. Printed on Stark Industries letterhead, the letter told Deadpool, “No. Absolutely not. Go bother Prof. X. No.” and was even signed by Tony Stark himself, of course. Of course, with Deadpool’s typical insolence, you can visibly see a coffee ring on the letter.

While Tony Stark may have no love for Deadpool, Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s real-life counterpart, was nice enough to thank Reynold’s. Hemsworth made no mention of whether he wanted Deadpool in the Avengers or not.

While Tony Stark has unequivocally said not to Deadpool joining the Avengers, most likely because he does not want to deal with Deadpool’s unpredictability and smart mouth, Disney’s acquisition of the rights to Deadpool may leave Stark with no choice but to accept Deadpool as a new Avengers member. He also may be left with no choice but to seek Deadpool’s help as the Avengers are undoubtedly going to go after Thanos in future movies in an effort to restore the world.

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