Tony Iommi in Remission

The 68 year old Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has recently been announced as having his cancer finally enter into remission. The announcement, made on August 15, 2016, has demonstrated that Tony Iommi is publicly cancer free.

In 2012, Tony was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and has since then been fighting through a variety of methods to push it and diminish it into remission.

The news that he won the fight against cancer was revealed during a plaque unveiling event as the hospital he had been receiving the treatment from. The hospital, located in Solihull, is named Spire Parkway Hospital, while the plaque and dedication of it was specifically for the Specialist Care Center.

A majority of the treatment options that Tony underwent were structured around chemotherapy and follow up treatment sessions with doctors. He began treatment immediately after he discovered the illness during his last European tour.

The treatment, though successful, has been long and time consuming. Every six weeks, Iommi is scheduled to have blood work done. In addition, within those six week periods, he regularly attends hospital check ups. He has said in many interviews that he understands that this cancer will forever be a factor of his life, but he will not allow it to prevent him from pursuing any future dreams.

His treatment has been two sided. Tony has become somewhat of a cultural icon for his battle with cancer on the main public stage. He has helped many people suffering from similar conditions by being a leading example in how to proactively handle the situation. On the inside, however, Iommi personally thanks the staff and doctors who have been kind and caring towards him throughout this process.

He recognizes that often times, cancer is as psychological as it is physical. It was necessary to surround himself with a caring support team in order to fully recuperate.

Tony is joined by several of his heavy metal band mates to travel on a final farewell tour. Tony, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward will begin traveling in January 2017. The tour is currently set for 80 shows, however, with Tony healthy, there is potential for the tour to be extended by as many as a dozen more extra show dates.

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