Tommy Thompson Needs to Give Up the Gold

Although many of us may fantasize about finding a treasure trove of gold, Tommy Thompson is one of those very rare people who actually has. It was almost 30 years ago when Thompson located the wreck of the S.S. Central and hauled up the gold. The ship had been sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor for 130 years after meeting its terrible fate during a hurricane. Because it was known to have sunk with a great deal of gold on it, many treasure hunters throughout the years had put it on their wish lists.


It was Thompson, however, who actually had the savvy—and the resources—to build an incredibly advanced robot that was capable of going 8,000 feet under the sea. His historic find was profiled in the news constantly, with many praising his incredible persistence and intelligence. However, it wasn’t too long before the whole thing started to unravel. According to some of his investors, they hadn’t seen any of the proceeds from the great shipwreck. More and more, it was beginning to sound like Thompson was cashing out and selling some of his gold—but not paying back his investors.


Things became really heated in 2012, when Thompson failed to show up to court and face some of these charges. He spent many years on the lam, but eventually authorities were able to track him down. Although he’s now in prison, he has still refused to give up the location of the gold.


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