Tom Hanks to Star in Mr. Rogers Biopic

In a casting choice that would make the Marvel movies envious, Hollywood’s most beloved star, Tom Hanks, will soon be playing the role of TV’s most beloved personalities, Fred Rogers.

GeekFeed reports on the news regarding the new biopic You Are My Friend, detailing the friendship between Mr. Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. The events of the film will follow Junod’s assignment to write a piece on Mr. Rogers, which was published in the 1998 issue of Esquire magazine and can still be read on the publication’s website to this day.

In the article (which the movie will seemingly follow), Junod describes his reluctance on taking the assignment regarding Rogers, but soon goes on to forge a friendship with the television host that changed his outlook on life. He describes Mr. Rogers’ impact on his audience of children and the influence he had on American culture over his more than three decades on air, as well as giving insight into who he was as a person outside of his show.

The film’s director, Marielle Heller, claimed that the script “knocked [her] out” upon first reading it, saying how she can’t wait to bring the story to life with the cast and crew.

While Mr. Rogers himself may have passed away in 2003, Tom Junod is still alive and well. It’s more than likely he’ll have something to say about the way he and his friend are portrayed upon the film’s release date, which has yet to be announced by the studio.

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