Toby the Cat has Been Adopted

Toby has made national headlines. He is an orange cat that walked 12 miles to get back home. He showed up to his owners house as a stray cat but did not get along with the other feline pets. As a result, the owners dropped him off 12 miles away to a friend’s house so that Toby can live a happy life. Yet, Toby walked all the way back.

The owners then took him to the SPCA and asked to have Toby euthanized. The SPCA found him mostly healthy and neutered him. Toby immediately became mild towards other cats and was adopted this week. The SPCA have used him as their cover animal to support their annual walking fundraiser.

This took place in Wake County, North Carolina. While some have voiced their disapproval towards the owners for wanting to have Toby euthanized after he walked 12 miles to get back home, the SPCA has hoped his story would encourage support towards the organization. Roughly 3.2 million animals are adopted through animal shelters annually. Millions of animals like Toby rely on animal shelters to find permanent homes.

The SPCA’s 2018 fundraiser will be on May 6th, 2018. It will be located at Cary, NC. If one registers before April 25th, one can save 10 dollars on registration.

Toby’s story is not original; many animals go through suffering due to not having homes. Fortunately for Toby, a loving family has taken in him and it looks to be a happy ending for him.

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