To Quarantine or Not To Quarantine? That Is The Question

Two states have taken the lead in Ebola Quarantine Procedures just one week after the White House anointed Ron Klain the new Ebola Czar. Both New York and New Jersey have imposed mandatory quarantines on any health worker returning from Africa who had contact with an Ebola patient. The quarantine would last twenty-one days and restrict any contact whatsoever outside the quarantine area. Better watch out all you travelers, I’m looking at you Marnie Bennett.

These guidelines are much stricter and tougher than the previous CDC guidelines requesting that health workers put themselves under a self-monitored quarantine for three weeks after their return. This follows two incidents. In October an NBC news crew under voluntary quarantine in New Jersey were seen picking up takeout food and driving around town. Also in October Doctor Craig Spencer rode the subway and went bowling, among other things, following his return from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. He was put in quarantine the next day after testing positive for the virus.

Governor Chris Christie said on Fox News Sunday that he thought the New Jersey and New York procedures would set the standard across the country for health workers returning from Africa. Others, including the Obama Administration, the CDC, and the National Institutes of Health, feel the procedures are excessive and could have serious unintended consequences.

It is true that the federal guidelines from the CDC have been shifting, and seemingly ineffective regarding several cases in the United States.

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