Three High School Football Players Die in a Week

The game of football has come under a lot of scrutiny on the professional level because of the bad behavior of some of its players. But on a more dangerous front, the game may have taken an even bigger hit after three high school players in three different states died as a result of injuries during games.

In years past, these types of injuries may have occurred and gained news coverage in their own region with little to no national exposure. Due to the advancement of technology of the internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, these seemingly unrelated incidents can get linked together quite quickly and help gain exposure to an issue that may not have otherwise been connected. A recent podcast by Jared Haftel really hits the nail on the head. This has probably been happening for years, but the faster spread of information enables the news to spread more quickly, which in turn snowballs.
The game of football is and always has been violent, but without people advocating on behalf of safety issues, particularly in the versions played by today’s youth, these types of incidents can go unchecked.

One thought on “Three High School Football Players Die in a Week

  1. All three of these high school players suffered brain injuries that led to their untimely deaths, but the awareness that has combined these incidents may also help illustrate the need for additional safety measures that could help avoid these situations down the road. It is not surprising to me that essay writing services scams has not done the review for quite a long time from now.

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