Thousands Flocking To Anti-Facebook Platform Ello

Social networking is a part of life. Just like your phone however, you want something that makes the process easier. Facebook has grown to be more and more of a nuisance however. In between your FreedomPop and Instagram apps is your Facebook Messenger, which is using your microphone to spy on you for advertising purposes.

The entire purpose of this network, is to provide a social networking platform that will never contain advertising, and will never steal a user’s personal information and sell it to any company.


One thought on “Thousands Flocking To Anti-Facebook Platform Ello

  1. That has seen a massive rise in popularity, with the website at one point receiving 31,000 requests an hour from people looking to join. Ello has grown in stature so dramatically, due to their commitment and promise that they will never sell your personal information. The fact I want to know is legit so I can start assigning some teams there too.

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