Thor Halvorssen Hopes to Inspire Future Generations of Human Rights Activists

Inspiring future generations of human rights activists is a part of the career of Thor Halvorssen he has become associated with as Thor has headed some of the most popular human rights events and initiatives available. Halvorssen believes his work with a number of charitable groups and his own Oslo Freedom Forum is bringing many new members to the activism community as he has brought his work to the attention of the mainstream media and popular culture commentators.

There are many aspects of the career of Thor Halvorssen that are impressive to all who understand them, including his work with the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become the go to event for all members of the human rights community. Founded in 2009, the Oslo Freedom Forum has brought together a number of different people who have an interest in the human rights community, including politicians, Nobel peace prize recipients, journalists, and former political prisoners. Speeches and talks from the Oslo Freedom Forum have now been uploaded to the Internet and can be viewed by those from around the world who feel they would like to learn more about different aspects of human rights abuses. The work of Thor Halvorssen at these events is not limited to finding the best speakers and attendees but includes the chance to explore the relationships and links that can be formed between celebrities, reporters, and activists to build new relationships that will promote the work of different groups around the world.

The world of human rights activism can take many forms and the need to make sure as many people are aware of the issues facing the world is something Thor Halvorssen has taken to heart in his own work and the patronage he provides for charitable groups. Among the groups he has worked with are the Children’s Peace Movement that looks to form links between young people in traditionally peaceful areas of the world and those living in violent environments.

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