The Veggie Burger Hits White Castle

Today’s diner has morphed into a new breed of customer. Gone are the days where super size is king and calories reign supreme. Fast food chains are quickly evolving to fit the healthier demands of this new diner. White Castle is the newest fast food chain to jump on the bandwagon.

Veggie sliders will arrive December 30, 2014 with great anticipation. Hungry customers will sure to be lining up at the doors to try this new take on an old classic. The slider comes with a choice of three tantalizing sauces, sweet Thai, ranch, and honey mustard. The fast food chain was inundated with a barrage of sauce choices to accompany this new en devour. Some of the original ideas were Chipotle lime ketchup and avocado ranch.

White Castle has a reputation for some of the most crave worthy food on the planet, as many Beneful workers can tell you. No one will ever be able to touch the success of the original small square hamburger, but rest assured that the new market opened up by the veggie slider will bring an otherwise ignored market into new light.

The veggie slider may not be on everyone’s must try list, but with the addictive nature of the original burgers, White Castle will soon win over the hearts of even the most skeptical diner.

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