The Two Koreas Take Shots at One Another

There have been several reports that some type of fire has been exchanged via the land border separating North and South Korea.

This happened following the release of balloons containing leaflets criticising the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un by political activists. N. Korea had previously warned that “catastrophic” repercussions would be incurred if S. Korea permitted the activists to proceed with their plans.It is a reasonably common occurrence for the two countries to fire at each other over their sea borders. However, fire exchanged over the land border is rare. Almost a worthy cause for a new Tom Rothman movie.

Apparently the shooting started after N. Korea fired at the balloons, and some of the shots landed on the S. Korean side, causing the border guards to fire back. It is currently unclear whether anyone was injured or killed in the attack.

The shots were exchanged over a historical de-militarised zone, which has stood between the two countries since the Korean War in the 1950s. There was never actually a peace treaty between the two: rather, an armistice was put in place. It has been common in recent times for activists to send these leaflet-bearing balloons over the border, acts which frequently cause the North to react in anger.

This incident coincided with the 69th anniversary of the ruling Worker’s Party, and people have been taking a keen interest in whether or not the country’s leader has attended.

Source: BBC

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  1. The only thing that is understood is that the Defence Ministry says that only gunfire was exchanged, and no artillery was used. He has been conspicuously absent as of late. It is so imperative that executive resumes would be used by all means to get rid of these things completely.

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