The Sussex Healthcare and Support Home in the UK

     Sussex Healthcare is an Audiology company that collaborates with NHS in the provision of care, support and offering audiology services. Sussex Healthcare has offices in Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. Its location in those places plays a great role in ensuring that a large number of people have access to their services without traveling far.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology helps patients who experience hearing loss as they grow older. Their services include fitting hearing aids to the patient’s whose hearing needs adjustments. Those clients who reach them through NHS receive hearing aid aftercare when they get the hearing aids fitted.

There are consultant-led ENT by Sussex Healthcare Audiology in some areas in the UK. They are focused on providing their patients with quality clinical care without being biased. Every client is valued no matter his or her background.

Over the years in the health industry, Sussex Healthcare has maintained high professional and ethical standards. Their clients receive very satisfactory services from the professional employees who attend an annual training program to improve their skills in audiology. This growth has empowered the team by ensuring they offer quality services.

Sussex Healthcare conducts its activities under a framework that enables them to make improvements time in time. They audit infection control, the safety of patients and staff who work with them, they create awareness and ensure that every person associated with them adheres to the policies and procedures of the company at any given time. The company also engages in risk management projects, which ensure there is consistent performance.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology worked under Care Quality Commission. This is the institution it is registered with since it begun its performance. Every activity that is carried out in Sussex Healthcare has to be according to the CQC demands, which ensure quality.

The company has been accredited by the United Kingdom, Accreditation Services (UKAS). UKAS has obtained a license from The Royal College of Physicians. This is a great achievement that makes Sussex Healthcare outstand other audiology institutions, which are not advantaged to receive this requirement by IQIPS Standards.

For many years, Sussex Healthcare Audiology has collaborated with National Good Practice Guide while offering services to their patients. In this way, the audiologists are able to deliver professional healthcare without spending an extra coin. After three years, patients who have been treated are re-assessed to check on their progress hence know what they should improve on for an even better outcome. This has attracted many clients to Sussex Healthcare.

According to the patients who have received their hearing aids from Sussex Healthcare, the gadgets are working perfectly. The staff has also been commended because of their friendly relation while attending to the patients.

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