The Silly Side of Love

Bruce Lee once said, “Love is like a friendship caught on fire,” which is a quote that perfectly depicts the relationship of Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley. Before getting officially engaged, this epic couple spent an entire year shopping for costumes, props, and researched ideas before putting the most incredible engagement photo shoot into effect.


Dressing as famous couples from movies, Nguyen and Huntley proved to a dismal world that true love exists and it is truly silly. Dwight and Michael from The Office, Dr. Grant and Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park, Rose and Jack from The Titanic, and Thor and Harry Potter were only a few of the disguises worn by the couple during their shoot, perfect poses and all. Despite the magnitude of the shoot and the longevity of obtaining all of the outfits, the newlyweds insist that the entire ordeal was budget friendly, a fact that certainly has viewers anticipating their own unique shoot!


While the overall idea of this couple’s engagement photo shoot is enough to want to run out and find “the one,” the message of their love is probably the most prominent. Nguyen and Huntley have fun together; they accept each other for who they are, even if that means acting silly and- no pun intended- out of character. Some couples want pictures of themselves dressed to the nines with ideal hair and attire, but these two wanted to portray the simpler part of love. In a world so full of hardships, Jackie and Nate surely shed some brighter times with their fun, inspiring story.


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