The Rock Professes His Undying Love for Frances McDormand

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to share his surprising celebrity crush. It turns out that the former wrestler has a thing for Academy Award favorite Frances McDormand, and the admiration started when the renowned actress went to pick up her Golden Globe. In what Johnson described as an “out of the blue” moment, McDormand went to shake the hand of his 16-year-old daughter, Simone, right before stepping onstage to claim her award. Understandably, Simone was thrilled as a result. This interaction, Johnson reported, sparked a great admiration within him.

When Johnson admitted his crush to DeGeneres, the talk show host agreed that he had excellent taste. Johnson, who was dressed in a stylish blue jacket, also informed Ellen that he planned on marrying McDormand, even though both he and the actress are already married. Joking that his wife, Lauren Hashian, would be fine with the situation, the wrestler seemed utterly charmed by McDormand’s moves. Not only did the award-winning actress greet his daughter before accepting her award, but she also acknowledged the girl afterwards.

After Johnson repeated that he planned on marrying McDormand, DeGeneres opined that perhaps this was all just a bit “weird”. As the most recently named Golden Globes Ambassador, it would appear that Simone Johnson has a big future ahead of her indeed. With a powerhouse producer mother and a movie star dad, it seems as if the sky is the limit. Now, with an acknowledgment from a huge movie star, everything truly is coming up roses for this movie star’s beautiful daughter.

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