The Notorious D-O-G

Cats and dogs are generally equated to oil and water, two things that just don’t mix. Thankfully for dogs in Missouri, that is nothing more than a myth. A very special cat named D-O-G (pronounce deeohjee) is working hard helping train dogs in his area.

Meet D-O-G, the special black and white cat who works hard each and every date. He has a special job that helps not just his fellow furry friends, dogs, but also people. D-O-G trains dogs at SupportDogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri for lots of special jobs like assisting people who have lost their hearing or those who have a loss of mobility. Dogs are great for aiding people who need a little extra help, and it’s also highly important that these dogs can not only do their job well but also be comfortable around other animals. They must learn to stay calm no matter how many distractions surround them. D-O-G is the perfect candidate to test their patience and help them learn to remain calm in just these situations. If you want to see this special feline in action, check out the video located at the Huffington Post.

D-O-G makes it clear that he is the boss and he is ruling the training center. He got his start as a kitten in a barn, but has started on a journey for stardom. Not only does he rule his classes, but he is becoming quite the internet sensation. The director for SupportDogs, Inc, Nadien Wenig, found D-O-G while staying at a bed and breakfast. She instantly fell for the little cutie and ended up bringing him back to her center where he quickly made friends with the canines. He had no fear of them, even though he was so much smaller. His life isn’t all work though. D-O-G has a pretty comfortable life at the center that even includes a multi level condo and plenty of loving attention from the centers staff. While the center is devoted to training dogs, it is pretty clear that the entire staff has a soft spot for felines as well.

This special cat is unique and bringing something quite special to the world. He is a pioneer in training dogs, and teaching them to be kind and patient. His loving and friendly nature is something that not just dogs, but people should learn from and mimic in their lives. He is one of a kind for sure, and has plenty to teach everyone that sees him.

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