The Museum of Selfies Lights Up Los Angeles

It’s a museum unlike any other, and perhaps it’s fitting that it has made its home in Los Angeles, the city perhaps best known for boasting a bit of narcissism. The Museum of Selfies opened up with great fanfare on March 31. Located on a nondescript corner of Brand Boulevard in Glendale, this museum hosts what it known to be the world’s longest selfie stick, in addition to a whole array of other exciting oddities.

For Game of Thrones fans, there is an “iron throne” composed of phones and tripods. Some of the other interesting exhibits include an optical illusion room that has been crafted with only white walls and black tape. Fans of classical art will enjoy the hilarious homage to David, in which the famous figure holds up a mobile phone to check his appearance. At the grand opening event, actresses Amber Hubert and Kimberly Trew were the first to receive “selfie cookies” compliments of the museum. Posing for a quick photo op, they were amazed to see their faces portrayed on a sugar cookie just a few moments later.

Beyond the velvet ropes, one could also experience a brief history of the selfie. From the first daguerreotype selfie to a primate posing with a knowing smile, the museum is full of fascinating selfie events in world history. For those who enjoy posing with eye-catching objects, there are many available at this gallery. From giant sushi pieces and a huge broccoli floret to a Volkswagen made of mirror-like material, there truly is something for every kind of selfie taker. However, this museum won’t be around forever. The limited engagement ends on May 31, so those who want to get their selfie time in should nab their tickets before this artistic exhibit ends.

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