The Motivation Behind Becoming a Pediatric Surgeon

Becoming a pediatric surgeon was no small feat for Dr. Saad. Early in life, he had a very uncertain future, but his father could only be certain of one thing. That one thing was for him to get an education that would give him the opportunity to be respected in this lifetime. His father had shared with him that at one time in his life he was displaced without a home country or even a passport. It was essential that for anyone to give him the time of day, he would need to prove that he was well qualified to work. To do so would mean that he needed to get a good education and prove himself. While Saad was working with his brother in construction one hot summer in Kuwait, he realized that the heat would make him sick. The only place to get air condition in Kuwait during this time was an operating room. It was then that Saad decided that he would become a pediatric surgeon.

There were many lessons that he would learn during his education, but most importantly, he would learn that waiting to do something he could do today was not a wise decision. Daily habits are all about doing something productive, and making it happen while you have the opportunity. Dr. Saad mentioned this in a recent interview, and maintains that this is the very reason he was able to enjoy such massive success. He learned that becoming efficient with his time was the best and only way to accomplish great things. He had learned from his father that a strong work ethic was the only way to become successful, and with that he chose to commit to working hard every day until the work was done. If there was something else that he could do to better himself he did it.

When Saad first came to the United States, he had already determined that he was going to become a U.S. Board Certified Pediatric surgeon. At this time, this was a rare accomplishment, even for a U.S. medical student. In his mind, it was the only option for him. It was clear that he would achieve the success he desired, when he became the only U.S. Board Certified Pediatric surgeon to speak fluent English and Arabic. He had truly become the clear choice for this prestigious position in life, and within his field. Due to his status, he also became the pediatric surgeon for the children of the Royal Saudi family. This was the highest honor for him and his family.

Dr. Saad is now retired after 47 years of practice, and continues to share his life lessons of success with his grown children. Learn more:

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