The Kabbalah Centre Offers a Faith Free Approach to Spiritualism

Faith based studies of spiritualism can often be difficult to undertake when an individual does not wish to convert to a new set of religious beliefs. One of the reasons why The Kabbalah Centre is one of the fastest growing religion based groups in the world of the 21st century is found in the approach to study that is undertaken by the group; it is important to remember Kabbalah is a faith-based series of teachings that predate all major religions and allows the teaching of the ‘Zohar” to be studied in relation to any faith based system a student undertakes.

The Kabbalah Centre itself has a long history dating back almost a full century as the group was founded in the 1920s in a bid to bring this ancient form of teaching to the people of the world. Under the current leadership of Karen Berg, The Kabbalah Centre has opened locations in global capitals across the planet.

One of the most important aspects of The Kabbalah Centre of recent times has been the development of an Online set of study materials that make it easier for any person to set out to learn as much as possible about Kabbalah as possible from the comfort of their own home. The Kabbalah Centre has broken the ancient tradition of only males over the age of 40 studying its religious teachings by translating the original work from Hebrew.

Studying Kabbalah means opening the mind to receive as much new information about the universe around us as possible, which makes it easy for any person to explore the mysteries of the universe with ease. The aim of Kabbalah is to allow as many people as possible to open their minds to the 99 percent of the universe that is not open to the minds of those who have not studied this ancient teaching.


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