The Importance of a Strong Hand Shake In an Interview

Many people in the world are making their mark on society to impact his world in a positive way and little is known about that person. He or she worked hard to get where they are today and are making their track record of accomplishments in life. One such person is Jared Haftel. Jared graduated from Duke University in 2009, after working hard for five years to attain three bachelor’s degrees, each in Mathematics, Economics and Science, in addition to an MBA at Stanford, requirements needed to get Jared where he wanted to be today in the world of finance.

Large banking institutions in the world such as Merrill Lynch and the Bank of America, found themselves fortunate to have this intelligent young man on board as a financial analyst and commodities analysis professional, where he tracked the chemical, metals, aerospace, defense and mining arenas for investment opportunities at major levels.

Hafel knew from the get go that to reach his goals meant hard work as anyone attempting to enter into the corporate arena is more difficult and challenging. Realizing that everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder and with hard work climbs that corporate ladder of success. Professionals in this field must look, act the part of a highly successful intern, and learn all he or she can learn.

He knew that his education did not stop the day that he received his degrees from Duke University. Haftel’s one focus is dressing the part with minor seldom thought about issues such as matching clothing options to make the best impression of peers and superiors. Haftel found that small things in life, such as learning how to tie a tie correctly with or without a mirror necessitated importance, something that he talks about on Facebook.

He felt that he needed to learn simple communication techniques such as a proper handshake, being a good listener and adding worthwhile comments into a conversation. Little issues such as the right kind of handshake, eye contact and a pleasant personality. Jared found out that if he had any chance at all of entering into the circle of permanency, he had to display a winning personality. He had to possess a positive attitude with a good outlook, work long and hard days and be willing to do his share for the sake of the team he would be a part.

In addition to an excellent academic background with earned degrees in finance, he had to know an element of psychology and adapt to his surroundings for successful acceptance into this highly professional circle of finance. Having all this in place is another issue of needing experience in order to enter into this high finance field and that is serious experience is the field.

Resumes need to express this experience in order to grab a hold of the big paying jobs. The employer offering this amazing job needs to know they are getting a prime employee who will add something amazing to the company. Haftel feels that no one should burn their bridges with any employer and a prospective employer does not want to hear negative facts about a previous employer.

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