The Hit Show Roseanne Is Slated To Do 8 Shows – Let The Laughter Begin

Those who love to be entertained by the likes of Roseanne Barr and John Goodman are in luck. It seems that the hit show Roseanne is being revived. Though Barr, Goodman, and Sara Gilbert are all signed on to do the reboot, it is expected that others will join them. They sure don’t make television shows like this anymore.

The laughs abound when Dan and Roseanne Conner are the parents. This show was a ratings success for ABC. However, after the family won the lottery, things went downhill for the ratings and the show. They simply ran out of material and directions with so many shows under their belt.

Full House did a reboot and became Fuller House. The Netflix based shows created quite a stir from those wanting a good-old-fashioned television show. If the following from the 1990’s is any indication, this show will also be a hit. Though the characters have moved on with their lives and done great things, they still hold a soft spot for Landford, Illinois and living on Delaware Street.

Sadly, there is one character that won’t be returning to the hit show. Glenn Quinn won’t be returning to the show. Known to fans as Mark Healey, he passed away on Dec 03, 2002 from a heroin overdose. There is also no word on whether either of the girls that played Becky will return either.

When the show left off, Dan died from a heart attack, Roseanne’s sister Jackie was gay, Becky was with David, and Darlene was with Mark. It was a crazy twist to end so many years of fun. It will be interesting to see what they come back with. So, those who need something to smile about can take comfort in the fact that one of the best shows ever made is coming back for a limited run.

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