The Guiness World Record Holder Who Doesn’t Exist

The Tampa Bay Times has recently reported on man so magical, you would think that he came out of a children’s book. Odilon Ozare, an enthusiast of very tall hats, was recently recorded by Guinness World Record professional surveyor, Sven Couture, to have made the world’s tallest hat, standing at a height of 15 feet 9 inches.

However, what makes this man especially extraordinary, other than his keen sense of making outrageously large hats, is the fact that there seems to be no record of his existence. While he claims to have been born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, there is not a single record with his name. Many theories have revolved that he has made an elaborate character that has a well thought out back story, or that he has been off the grid for so long that no records of him exist. At the same time, many believe that he is just a local artist who has made an illusion of himself with the help of his eccentric hat making skills.

But it could be entirely possible that this strange hat man is a wizard from another dimension, one that is not so much different from our own. Or maybe he is a magician who disappears into one of his hats when he doesn’t want to be seen. In the realm of logical possibilities, these ideas are possible. However, anybody can create a persona with this kind of reasoning. After all, there is no proof that it isn’t so.

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