The Fall 2014 Fashion Trends are Starting

October is just around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for Autumn fashions to get into full swing. There are plenty of things to watch for this year too. With a mix of practical to keep you warm on those cold windy days, but with plenty of style to have you looking your best. I was thinking of these when I was talking fashion with Brian Torchin this past week.

One of my favorites so far, is the return of long knits. Bohemian inspired, and very reminiscent of the long winter coat look, these lightweight, but plenty warm knits are perfect for the cooler weather. Plus, the amazing color combinations that can be created are perfect for putting together full outfits built around a specific knit.

Sheers are also making a return to the spotlight. They are a spring, and fall classic. Any sheer that can be layered is perfect for creating a unique and fun fall fashion ensemble.


One thought on “The Fall 2014 Fashion Trends are Starting

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