The Career Milestones of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is an accomplished leader who works with Willis Towers Watson as the new chief financial officer. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the field of broking, advisory and solutions. The company has its presence in the international market, and it has successfully assisted many clients to convert their risk investments into profits. Willis Towers Watson was launched in the year 1828 and has been serving its clients ever since. The company has more than 40,000 individuals who work across 140 countries. Michael Burwell is very experienced in managing companies and hopes to steer Willis Towers Watson to success.


Michael Burwell will join Willis Towers Watson following the voluntary retiring of Roger Millay. Roger Millay used to serve at the company as the chief executive officer until his resignation on October 2nd, 2017. He left behind an exemplary legacy and Michael Burwell will take over from where Roger reached. Michael Burwell will bring the wealth of knowledge that he has in the field of management to Willis Towers Watson. The officials at Willis Towers Watson gladly welcomed the appointment of Michael Burwell as the incoming chief executive officer. They believe that he possesses the right knowledge and skills to lead the company in achieving its strategic goals. Michael Burwell is a team player and believes in the strength of teamwork.


Michael Burwell has a rich background in education, and this forms part of his current success. He attended the prestigious Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. Michael is also a CPA (certified public accountant) and has previously worked as an auditor for small and big companies. After completing his studies, he held prominent positions at PWC including the chief financial officer, head of the global transformation, head of transaction services and many other top executive positions. Being a CPA, Michael Burwell has in the past worked in the field of auditing and advisory for approximately 12 years. He has helped numerous companies achieve success when it comes to pre-merger deals. Find More Information Here.


Michael Burwell has in the past worked in conjunction with small and medium firms via the selling and purchasing of projects. The mission of Michael Burwell is to make contributions that will lead to the success of Willis Towers Watson. Michael offers advice to other leaders on the strength of leadership and how to stay committed when it comes to serving their clients.


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