The Career And Experiences Of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele serves numerous companies in biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace as general counsel. He has invested in early stage technology and founded firms in the hospitality and restaurant industries. His experience is in drafting, closing and negotiating technology, development, distribution and licensing agreements in international and domestic internet, hardware, software and telecommunications. He is additionally experienced in many different types of commercial agreements in relation to technology companies. This includes intellectual property sales and purchases, marketing arrangements and analysis and sales of portfolios for intellectual property rights.

Michael Hagele previously served as the general council for numerous internet companies. He handled the legal aspects including employment issues, intellectual property strategy, merger and acquisition activity, stock option plan administration and corporate governance. Michael Hagele learned from his experience as both an in-house and outside counsel that cost effective and high quality services are often provided by the smaller firms. He attended the University of California at Berkeley where he earned his J.D. His studies at the University of Iowa resulted in a B.A.

Michael Hagele begins his days taking care of his technology clients. This is usually legal counseling involving either intellectual or general property. He reviews and drafts contracts and technology licensing agreements. He spends part of the day on a road bike to enhance his creativity and change his outlook. He firmly believes the key is tenacity and he refuses to give up. He believes the best possible outcomes are due to challenging ideas, iteration and being open to new opportunities and ideas.

Michael Hagele is excited by the world of artificial intelligence. He finds the genetic programming and various applications appealing. He has worked with algorithms and machine learning. He believes every entrepreneur should place their customers first. He realizes his client’s businesses are dependent on his performing his job well and handles the pressures involved. Although he is now a practicing attorney Michael Hagele once worked at a car wash in Chicago during the winter. He still remembers the numbness and pain in his hands. This was when he learned he needed an education so he could do something meaningful and fulfilling.



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