The Buzz on the Royal Wedding

BuzzFeed recently published an article with all of the latest details surrounding the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The wedding is set for May 19 at noon at Windsor Castle in Great Britain and is shaping up to be the social event of the year.


One of the ways that this royal wedding is already standing out from previous events is that 2,640 members of the public have been invited as guests. The royal couple opted to highlight many different charities and philanthropists instead of reserving space for the typical A-list celebrities and politicians. However, one of the ways that the royal guest list is making waves is that Markle’s father is not expected to attend. This has left the bride-to-be in a bit of a predicament because she will need to find someone else to walk her down the aisle. Also missing from the wedding will be the U.S. President as well as many foreign dignitaries.


Prince George and Princess Charlotte are going to be featured in the ceremony, and Prince William will serve as Prince Harry’s best man. While cameras will be allowed inside the church to film the ceremony, it remains to be seen how the event will be broadcast. It is likely that the ceremony footage will be made available online, although it will probably not be broadcast live. The bride and groom’s public procession after the ceremony will be filmed and broadcast live as the couple makes their way around Windsor by carriage.


The reception will be held at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle, where about 600 guests will enjoy an elegant party complete with a lemon wedding cake. Another 200 guests have been invited to a later reception at Frogmore House on the grounds of Windsor Castle to be hosted by Prince Charles.

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